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It`s easy to see Ukraine. Where and when?

SPRING in Ukraine:

Spring time is the best season to come to Ukraine, as the parks, gardens and even streets of its towns are full of blossoming apples, pears and cherries.  Kyiv is all dressed in white and pink thanks to the horse chestnut tree, blossoming in May, which has become the city symbol.  Kyiv is known worldwide as a city of parks and gardens.  May-June is the flowering season for the tulips, magnolias, irises that blossom in the Botanical Gardens in Kyiv and Yalta.  End of April through early and middle May is the time of the lilacs flowering in the National Botanical Garden in Kyiv, where there are over 90 species of lilacs.  A visit to Kyiv Botanical Garden can be combined with a visit to the nearby Pecherska Lavra (‘Caves Monastery’), part of UNESCO World Heritage.

You will have great time if you come to Kyiv during City Days celebrations, May 29-30. Decorated streets, parades and numerous traditional music performances turn the centre of the city into an open-air stage for two days.  Together with the Kyivites you celebrate the Days of City, buy souvenirs in the open-air marketplace in Andreevsky descent and in the evening you see a magnificent dance of colours during the traditional artillery salute.

For the theatre lovers the places to visit not only in spring, but all year long are the Opera and Ballet Theatres of Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa that are in the top hundred theatres of the world.

Those who’d like to see really unique local traditions should attend the exhibitions and master-classes of painting traditional Easter eggs, the Pysanka eggs.    

Another sad, but remarkable date to spend in Ukraine is the 25th anniversary of the catastrophe at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant that occurred on 26 April 1986.


In the camera lens: historical places, churches, monks, local people, marketplace, flower exhibition, scenery of sunrise on the Dnieper, green parks and blossoming flowers.


SUMMER in Ukraine:

You can have a great weekend in Kyiv, Lviv or Odessa.  Summer is the best time for a cruise along the Dnieper from Kyiv or in the Black Sea from Odessa.  There are plenty of interesting events and festivals in summer, but the most notable are Sorochyntskyi Fair and Ukraine’s Independence Day festivities.  In the last week of August, this year it’s August 23-31, a huge Flowers Exhibition will be held in Kiev in Spivoche Pole.  One million flowers of different kinds will be on display, covering the area of 2000 sq. m.

The Crimea is a great summer holidays destination.  The warm and tender sea, gorgeous parks and historical palaces and places – Vorontsovsky, Livadia, Bakhchisaray, and Chersonesus Taurica - excite everybody and the memories of them will stay with you for years to come. Chersonesus Taurica, an ancient city near Sevastopol, is currently an archaeological site in Crimea, Ukraine.  It is 2500 years old and used to be the centre of the ancient and early medieval world.


Nikitskiy Botanical Garden in Yalta is one of the oldest in the world and is also known for its flower exhibitions, especially those of the roses, lilies and calla flowers.  To celebrate the beauty of each species of flowers and to give wider access to the public to its living treasures, the special summer flower festivals are held in the Garden.  For example, the Lily Day is held in late June, but the Spring Rose Show is organized almost every year.  Rose collection in Yalta is one of the biggest in Eastern Europe.

At this time the sunflowers start blossoming in the fields, poppies, daisies and cornflowers in the meadows and fragrant herbs in the mountains all over the country.  

Those who like to spend their leisure time actively can ride horses, take part in swimming contests and take walks in the Crimean and Carpathian Mountains.

The real gourmets will have an opportunity to enjoy the wines and champagne of Noviy Svet and Massandra wineries.  Therefore we offer you the Wine Route of Northern Black Sea Coast.

Those who wish to improve their health should visit health and spa resorts at Truskavets famous for its mineral water brand Naftusia that is successfully used for treating and dissolving the gallbladder stones.

Ukrainian Countrywide Symposium on ‘Lizhnykarstvo’ (manufacturing of ‘lizhnyky’, kind of traditional sleeping bags) will be held in Ivano-Frankovsk Region.  The ‘lizhnyky’ have been used for a few centuries as a combination of the blankets and bedspreads being at the same time the unique decoration elements of the local houses.

In your camera lens:  historical places of the Crimea and Kyiv, Orthodox churches, colourful marketplaces, faces of the local people, sunflowers, medieval caves, unforgettable landscapes, wild flowers, virgin waterfalls, magnificent Carpathian Mountains, green trees, exciting feelings, plenitude of colours, beauty of the Black Sea, grandeur of Odessa Sea Port and Sevastopol.


AUTUMN in Ukraine:

Autumn is a season of weddings and harvesting.  You can see the national folk ceremonies and festivals in the Carpathian Mountains and all over Ukraine: wedding ceremonies, Hutsul festivals, local Autumn Fairs.

This is an occasion to buy handmade souvenirs and attend master-classes of Ukrainian cuisine: cooking of ‘borsch’ (beetroot soup) and ‘varenyky’ (dumplings).  The presentations will also be made about how to make ‘motanka’ dolls and traditional local pottery.

Autumn also brings you the opening of ballet and opera season, photo exhibitions and fashion shows from prominent couturiers.  

The Ball of Chrysanthemums popular among Yalta visitors starts in the middle of October. Botanical Gardens will have begonias, ageratum, coleus, salvia, celosia on display.

This is the season of the Golden Leaves Parks and Gardens.

In the camera lens: Golden Autumn, chrysanthemums in full bloom, crop harvesting, Hutsul wedding ceremony, vibrant open-air markets and fairs, national cuisine.

WINTER in Ukraine:

Christmas and New Year are the biggest holidays for the Ukrainians.  Many spend their winter vacations in the Carpathian Mountains skiing and enjoying the unforgettable mountain landscapes.  So, skiing and snowboarding in Carpathian Mountains should be your choice.

The gourmets can savour Ukrainian and Hutsul Cuisine.

The ballet enthusiasts can enjoy admirable shows, presented by the stars of Ukrainian and world ballet.

In the camera lens: urban winter landscapes, magnificent snow mountains, trees under snow, people’s portraits, and Christmas festivities.

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